Refund Policy

We offer non-reversible intangible products once they are obtained. It is imperative that our esteemed clientele understand this before proceeding with any transactions on our site. If you run into any issues, we urge you to contact our friendly Customer Support team as soon as possible for assistance. We are convinced that email correspondence is the most efficient way to handle the majority of issues, allowing for a smooth and easy connection between us and our valued customers.

We recommend using the Contact Us page on our website as your main means of communication in order to promote efficient communication. Our hardworking Customer Service Department promises to react to your inquiries in a timely manner; on average, we do it in less than a day. We’ll respond in a comprehensive manner, reviewing your problem in-depth and offering a solution that is tailored to your unique requirements.

If your refund request satisfies the qualifying requirements, please follow these guidelines:

-Product or service not delivered:

Order completion timeframes may occasionally be prolonged due to processing delays. If such circumstances occur, we advise contacting us right away to request assistance. Within seven days of the order date, claims pertaining to non-delivery must be made in writing to our customer service department.

-Item not as described:

Within seven days following the date of purchase, complaints about goods or services that do not match their descriptions should be directed to our customer care department. It is imperative that you substantiate your allegation that the item you purchased does not correspond with the description that is listed on our website. Please be advised that complaints that are entirely motivated by erroneous assumptions or individual preferences will never be taken into consideration.